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Final Design Project

This project was initiated in my senior year of college as part of the Major Project module, and it is inspired by the flower Lilac. It serves as my final degree project and is an important component of my professional beginnings.



Known as the "Queen of Shrubs," lilacs are some of the most fragrant flowers. They symbolise how one appreciates the sensitive side of things and how they are happy to be someone who has a pure heart. Lilacs are associated with purity, innocence, spirituality, happiness, tranquillity, love, and passion. These representations  correspond very well to my concept. I want to develop a trousseau collection based on my inspiration. Trousseau wear consists of outfits worn by a woman after marriage and I believe that lilacs portray a woman's grace and femininity. Marriage is a magical experience, it's passionate, pure, and the love endures forever. Hence, I've chosen lilacs as the theme for my final design project

Concept Note

My family's dominant colours have always been red and blue. While my mother prefers everything blue, my father's favourite colour is red. When it came to asking us about our favourite colours, my brother chose blue in a single breath because he's a mamma's boy. But when it came to me, choosing out of the two was difficult as I perceive my parents as one single entity. Always being on a creative edge, I chose the amalgamation of the two, purple. Purple has been a colour I've been drawn to, since seemingly forever, and when it was the time to choose my inspiration for my Final Design Project, I went with Lilacs. Lilacs are symbolic of spirituality and tranquilly. As I come from a profoundly spiritual family, I identify with this flower. When I look at it, it gives me a sense of' serenity and calmness, and it makes me feel absolutely "Ethereal". It also embodies the core of my collection, which is youthfulness and innocence. I chose to develop a trousseau wear collection because I have a personal connection to marriages. Growing up, I've always witnessed successful marriages around me, and my parents have always been my biggest inspiration for an everlasting love. So, mum and dad, this is for you.

Final Range

Technical Process

Considering my silhouettes should reflect something that sets the trend, I developed these designs. I opted for fabrics like organza, and satins because it's a Spring-Summer garment and I prefer light, breathable fabrics for the same. 


For my first choice of garment, the overlay is made out of poly organza because this fabric has a remarkable ability to add volume, which is needed for the sleeves, and drape that maintains the structure I'm going for. The pants, belt, and sleeve bands are made of armani satin, which gives them a luxurious look and feel. It compliments well with the organza, making people want to own it even more. The bow and pearl buttons at the back give a neat finish and a "proper" look which blends well with the ethereal aesthetic. The pants have a netted embroidered panel on the left leg, and the overlay has hand embroidered lilac appliqués and thread and bead work at the front. I want the embroidery to stand out so that the lilacs can take centre stage. 


For my second garment I opted Duchess Satin for the blouse, skirt and saree drape because it is has a firm drape due to its weight and has some stretch. the look and feel of the fabric resonates with the ethereal aesthetic. The interlining of the the blouse and skirt is in the same colour as of the corset and is made of poly satin. This gives out an appealing colour blocking look. The corset is made out of modal satin and has hand embroidered appliqué and beadwork which again highlights the lilac motifs and the same hand embroidery can be seen on the blouse from the upper chest continuing up till the strap. 


As lilacs can last for about 100 years I want my silhouettes to represent the everlasting love in a marriage.

Final Garment

Technical Pack

Colloquium Paper

Garment 1

Asymmetrical Top and Pants

Garment 2

Drape Saree with Corset Belt

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