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UNI by Stella McCartney

UNI by Stella McCartney is a project from Brand Moods, a module from my sophomore year of college. It's a concept for how Stella McCartney, as a sustainable luxury brand, can work on an extension of Androgynous Clothing for its ready-to-wear collection and create a social media campaign for the same.

**All rights belong to Stella McCartney and team. There is no intention of infringing on anyone's intellectual property.

Research AV:
Stella McCartney as a brand and introduction to UNI


-Video Clips: Stella McCartney's Official Youtube Channel

-Music: Tadow (Masego & FKJ) 1:31-4:03

UNI by Stella McCartney-3.jpg
UNI by Stella McCartney-4.jpg

Brand "WE"
Visual Board


Final Range

Artboard 1.JPG

Social Media Campaign


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